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Our eyelashes are made to protect our eyes, yet simultaneously draw attention to them.

Lash enhancements elevate our natural lash appearance and offer a refreshed result for any lifestyle.

All treatments require minimal maintenance and cut the "get ready" routine down for optimal convenience.

Express your desired look from any of these gentle services.


- Please arrive with exceptionally clean lashes. Mascara and makeup residue prevent all treatments from guaranteeing best results. Unclean lashes may result in a shampoo fee or possible rescheduling; additional time for lash cleansing is not allotted.

- Skip coffee the morning of - caffeine stimulates micro-movements in the eyes and can disrupt the treatment process.

- Avoid wearing SPF near the eyes (including makeup with SPF) - this causes watery tear ducts, disrupting the treatment process and can alter desired results.

- Please consider using the restroom upon arrival as all services must be continued uninterrupted.

- Please silence your cellphone upon arrival to prevent disruption of your service as well as other spa services in progress. Your eyes must remain closed for the entire duration of all lash treatments.

- Removal of contact lenses prior to the appointment is encouraged but not required.

- SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY - Avoid wearing makeup, swimming, and heavy sweating before and immediately after treatment to guarantee best results.

- Additional after-care will be discussed upon closing the appointment. Please follow all after-care instructions to guarantee best results.

- Lash naps are welcomed and encouraged!

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enhances the opacity and color of the lashes - lasts 4 weeks




initial appointments - please advise an email regarding treatment eligibility

creates the illusion of longer lashes through a lifted curl via keratin perm - lasts 8 weeks




up to 30 minutes - total removal of extensions


please review my policies and frequently asked questions prior to scheduling an appointment

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